Sunday, 24 July 2011

Chan Shawn Kit, Ryan Tan, Mark Teh, Wei Siew (S1-01D)

Research Title
With the new MacDonald craze and convenience of the fast food restaurant, many students especially in secondary schools like to go to MacDonald, are there more students who prefer to go in groups or go alone?

Why is it focused
The topic focuses only on secondary school students in uniform, meaning that wether after school they would like to go to the clementi mall macdonalds.

Explain why it is significant
Nowadays, a lot of teenagers head off to hang out at MacDonald’s and from this we can see if most teenagers socialise with their friends. This can tell us wether students nowadays are more sociable or loners.

Explain why is it feasible
It does not require much equipment or skill. It just requires some time to observe the teenagers.

Explain why is it manageable
It will not need a large amount of people, equipment and skill. It just requires a small amount of time.

Explain why is it accessible
The Clementi mall is in Singapore and there is a MRT station near there.

State at least 3 sources of information that you will be drawing your research upon (3 web links)and why you choose them.

State your data collection as in tip.
1. Observations
2.interviews (maybe)

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