Sunday, 14 August 2011

S1-01B ( Sandy , Lovy , Gladys , Qianhui )

Research Title
How stressed are Secondary 1&2 SST students compared to other Secondary 1&2 school students ? 
Why is it focused
It is focused because it only targets Secondary 1&2 school students . 
Explain why it is significant
Nowadays , people are so stressed that they start to develop extreme stress-related problems that might harm their health . Thus , it is important for us to know how stressed are our school's secondary 1&2 students compared to other school's secondary 1&2 students so that we will be able to try and help them by providing necessary assistance to cope with their stress and make sure that they do not harm their health . 

Explain why is it feasible
As a fellow student , we are able to provide feedback to our school . Thus , we are able to help the students who are facing stress better cope with school problems . 

Explain why is it manageable
It does not need lots of people to work on it and it will not take a long time . 

Explain why is it accessible
Because students are everywhere and we can easily contact them and find out their problems to help them cope it .
State at least 3 sources of information that you will be drawing your research upon (3 web links)and why you choose them.
1. Wikipedia , it has information that previous researchers researched on and thus we can say that it has been proven right . 
2. , It focuses on psychology  .
3. , it provides easy-to-understand scientific approach information . 

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