Monday, 18 July 2011

S101C Ying Liang, Ruoyu, Owen, Jiajun

  1. A Statement of Your Research Title
How the length of gaming time affect  School Grades of gamers in S101

B. Explain Why Is It Focused
It only compares 3 ranges of gaming time among students in one class of 23 and how it affect them in 1 aspect.

C. Explain Why Is It Significant
It is significant because more people are getting addicted too gaming because technology is advancing rapidly and games are getting more fun. Thus, we have to find the effects of gaming and spread awareness, because our nation’s future depends on teenagers, which are easily addicted.

D.Explain Why Is It Feasible
It is feasible because we meet the students of S101 almost everyday, and many of the information can be found in their past records and friends.

E. Explain Why Is It Manageable
It is manageable because it is easy to find and collect the gaming times and grades of students in S101.

F. Explain Why Is It Accessible
It should be easy to ask and find information from our classmates.

G. State At Least 3 Sources Of Information That You Will Be Drawing Your Research Upon and Why You Choose Them

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